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Our store and ordering operations will be closed until the 1st of Febrauary 2019. Any orders will be processed and scheduled on our return.

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Australias Best Florist offers a unique opportunity for florist to boost their sales and earn extra revenue without the costs of marketing and other expenses involved.

Australias Best Florist will give you orders to fill, we do not take any commission out of the order value which is on the order form, you receive the full amount, THATS RIGHT WE DO NOT DEDUCT ANY CHARGES. We are like a customer in your shop we ask that you think of us as that, no need to add any extra fees, we only require that you will fill the order to value using quality fresh flowers,orders that are filled correctly will save us all time and money, because the customer will be happy, and we will have less complaints to deal with. 

If there are some areas where you can do a "FREE" delivery, just write 00 on the delivery charge, for other areas write the delivery charge, a lower delivery fee could result in more orders for you.

Australias Best Florist receives a huge volume of online orders daily from all states in Australia, United Kingdom, United States, Canada, and New Zealand.

How it works

1. Join / Sign up

Step1. Enter your Personal / Company Details

Step2.   Enter your nominated payment account (bank account) (please re-check your bank details when entering as we cannot be resposible for wrong bank accounts as we are unable to check them because of Privacy laws)

Step3. Enter unlimited postcodes / zipcodes with their unique delivery charges
Step4. Create login information

2. Wait for affiliate approval

Notification via email when you have been accepted or declined.

3. Once approved you may login - go to  and enter your email and password.

This will be where you will review your orders provided by us. An email will be sent to your account registered email address notifying you of an order, It will display a order value, if you decide this is acceptable click the accept button and begin processing the order, If you decide the order click the decline and it will be assigned to another affiliate. If you do not respond within a reasonable time, the order will be removed from your account and assigned to another affiliate.

4. Payment

Payment of orders is made on the 27th of each month, for the previous month,into your nominated bank account which includes the total order values and your specified delivery cost for those particular areas.  All you have to do to receive payment is to check over our invoice which we will email to you and send it back to us it is that simple, you do not have to spend hours filling out accounts to send to us, we do it all saving you time and money.


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